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Professional Renovators

NHBA – The Home of Professional Renovators

Invest In Yourself… 

renomarkOnly members are eligible to display the RenoMark™ logo, which identifies them to the public as a professional renovation contractor.  The purpose of the program is to provide positive community awareness for the renovation industry.

Benefits of a RenoMark™ membership

  1. Credibility – As a RenoMark™ renovator,  you will abide by the NHBA Code of  Ethics and the renovation-specific Code of Conduct.  This will give you added credibility and an edge in a very competitive marketplace.  There’s no better way to declare that you are are liable, knowledgeable and trustworthy  renovation contractor. 
  2.  Marketing – Display of the RenoMark™ logo.  The Reno Guide brochure directs consumers to the RenoMark™ website, and to your company information.
  3.  Website – Each member will be listed on the NHBA website and on theRenoMark™ website .
  4.  Improved Public Perception – The program provides the consumer with a method to identify qualified, reputable, high quality renovator contractors for their home improvement projects.
  5. Recognition – You will be eligible to enter the Awards of Excellence.
  6.  Continuing Education – RenoMark™renovators understand the value of educating themselves and will have the opportunity to attend seminars throughout the year on current trends, codes, safety and technical skills
  7. Networking Opportunities– With other professional renovators and peers, you will have a chance to promote your industry.

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